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Breakfast is a Must ...No Ifs, Ands or Buts

Diana W. Wright, PhD, RD

The back to school bell is ringing and kids and adults are readying themselves for a new replica breitling school year. The next size shoes are needed as is a sturdy backpack filled with school supplies.  However, to get the most out of those classroom hours kids, (and you too!) need a healthy breakfast. This is where you come in. Children rarely do the grocery shopping but instead learn to eat the foods that the adults in the household purchase. So be careful how you stock your pantry as it is teaching your children a lifelong lesson about nutrition.  Of course, stocking the kitchen is just part of the challenge. Actually eating a daily healthy breakfast is what really counts. 

The first step here is to make sure that time is built into the morning routine to eat breakfast before school.  No time…… no breakfast.  If it is a mad rush to get out the door every morning, breakfast often becomes the first casualty of the time crunch.  The result…the pastry and sweetened drinks for sale at school will be ever more appealing to your child at morning break.

Second…there must be quick, healthy foods available to eat when time is limited.  If your pantry is decked out in candy camouflaged as cereal and fruit punch pretending to be the equal of fresh fruit, then breakfast will fall far short of nutritious. In fact, while a very high sugar breakfast will provide a quick fill, it has little staying power and your child may be the first in line for a pastry at break time.

The third recommendation and perhaps the most difficult for some of you will be to ‘practice what you preach’ and eat breakfast also. Eating breakfast is not just a ‘Kids Only’ recommendation!  Your body will function better too, if filled properly within a couple of hours of rising.  

Take a look at the list below and have your family tell you which menus look appealing to them. Next, make your shopping list and head to the market. Remember, school starts in ten minutes!


  • See the following Simple Skillet recipes that make great “on the go” breakfasts… Strawberry Oatmeal Bars, Ham and Cheese Omelet Biscuits, and Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffin.  Check out the Breakfast/Brunch category of our recipe library for more ideas Replica Watches UK
  • Cold cereal with no more than 8 grams of sugar/serving and milk (preferable 2% or lower fat) topped with a fresh fruit
  • Whole wheat toast and peanut butter (ingredient list should read ‘peanuts, salt’)
  • Hard boiled egg and a piece of fresh fruit
  • String cheese and a large apple
  • A slice of left over pizza
  • Lowfat cottage cheese and pineapple chunks
  • Oatmeal (plain, quick cook is fine), cooked in milk with berries (fresh/frozen) Note: use a 4 C measuring cup and make it in the microwave. It takes about 2 minutes to cook on high)
  • Rice and bean burrito made from leftovers…meat/veggies added are fine as well
  • Greek yogurt and banana smoothie (Use a yogurt with less than 10 grams of sugar per 6-8 oz)
  • Sandwich (make two, one for breakfast and one for lunch)
  • Tofu, soymilk and fresh fruit smoothie find satisfying reproduction watches
  • Cheese quesadilla on a corn tortilla (they are whole grain!)
  • Dried fruit and nuts (about 1/4 -1/3 C of each, or more if  extra is needed for a snack )
  • Hot cereal cooked in milk, sweetened with fruit or if you must use a bit of sugar/honey
  • Even Ants on a Log will do (this is the old preschool cooking class….celery filled with peanut butter topped with ants….oops, I mean raisins)